Month: February 2018

This tip – Tool Tips: Rotary Cutter

Here are a few tips that can help you with choosing, using your rotary cutter
and replacing the blade when needed. Blades can be very expensive, it’s a good
idea to be careful with them so they last longer.

Use the most comfortable rotary cutter you can find. There are many ergonomic models and sizes. “Test drive” a few at the store to see which one fits you best.Use a small rotary cutter (28mm) to cut and trim small items.

Use a large (60mm) if you are accustomed to cutting multiple layers at one time. Choose a medium size (45mm) for all around use.

Always cut away from you. It’s not only safer, but you have more strength pushing than pulling.

Always use a sharp blade – it requires less strength and makes a very clean cut.

Try out your rotary cutter on a mat – it should roll easily without a lot of force. If not, you may need to clean the lint from your blade, or loosen the screw attaching the blade to the cutter.

Clean the lint from your blade periodically. It will make your blade last longer.

When you clean your blade, wipe the blade with a little sewing machine oil. It will help your blade roll smoother. For this reason, new blades will always be a little oily when you buy them.

If you have rust on your cutting blade, wipe it with a little piece of fine sandpaper or steel wool, then replace it and use a drop of sewing machine oil

Try not to hit the blade on your ruler, the ruler can dent or nick your blade. If your rotary cutter blade has a nick, it can create a skip in the cut in your fabric.